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One of my great joys is being able to work with my great friend and cheerleader, Claire Osborn of CoDevelop Consulting.  We try to blog on topics that interest us as often as we can.  Here are some of our recent articles:

Tolerating Uncertainty

Imposter Syndrome


Course correcting


Here’s some reading and viewing that has got me thinking…

The Purposeful Life is Healthy and Wise

The 5 Myths that are Holding You Back

Unmasking – The Coach’s Guide to Imposter Syndrome

Mapping Motivation

Deviate by Beau Lotto

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Thinking of volunteering?  It’s something that helps me feel useful and grateful for everything I have in life.  It’s a pleasure to be able to use this page to give the charities I support a plug!

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Mad Dogs Street Project – Helping the Homeless of Manchester

Sparkle, the National Transgender Charity

One Million Mentors

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I owe a great deal of thanks to, and highly recommend, the following:

Co Develop Consulting

Simply Changing Life Coaching

Street Wisdom

Lisa Jeskins











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