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‘Julie has been a tremendous source of knowledge when considering our learning and development offering.  Julie has been creative with time, money and resources which has positively impacted the training opportunities we have been able to offer, thus improving employee engagement levels.  Julie displays constantly high energy levels and her enthusiasm is infectious’. (Group Head of HR)

‘We tend to make a curious distinction between professionalism and a personal touch, as if it is possible to good at what we do without demonstrating care for others. It is precisely that thought that makes someone a great professional, as Julie so clearly exemplifies.’ (Marketing Manager)

‘I was particularly impressed with Julie’s ability to command a room and bring out the best in less confident members of staff to help them believe in themselves during training sessions.’ (Communications Manager)

‘My experience of working with Julie is ‘this girl can’! She is professional, efficient and hard working. She will give fair, clear feedback and provides good sensitive guidance on difficult matters. A real pleasure to work with.’ (Director)

‘Thanks for all the great work with us at ITV; it has been a pleasure working with you  and I look forward to continuing the project with you.’ (Company Secretary)

I enjoyed the (coaching) sessions; the creative focus really helped to mind map my plans and to identify issues and the causes of those issues! I found it overall a positive experience and wouldn’t hesitate to engage in more coaching in the future! COACHING ROCKS
! I was really pleasantly surprised with the outcomes and think it could be a really useful tool for anyone who has big changes, a new job, new children or a shifted focus to regain their overall wellbeing.

‘I was feeling anxious about my future after leaving university.  Julie was incredibly perceptive and helped me understand myself and my self-sabotaging thought patterns.  (Through coaching) I developed a greater understanding of how my past experiences have led up to this point and how I can use the feelings from past positive experiences to guide my personal and professional needs. Julie facilitated a safe and supportive environment in which I could analyse myself, my vocational background and my feelings to find dynamic and workable solutions’ (Masters mature student)

‘Unlike therapy which focuses on treating the negative, coaching is about enhancing the positive.  Thank you for our sessions: I am more aware of triggers and behaviours and I can see some improvements already.’ (HR Administrator)

‘I felt very stretched, trying to put a lot of effort into many things and not feeling like I was doing amazing well at any.   (Through coaching) I learnt to look at things from different angles.  I’ve worked through some immediate challenges and feelings and have more confidence in making tough decisions. I have also learnt to appreciate that I can’t do everything and be everything for everyone, and to not to feel so bad about that.’ (Sales Manager)

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