‘Coaching is for life – not just for sport!’

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Most of the time we navigate life’s challenges using our usual support structures (be that family, friends, colleagues, Google, pizza or rhubarb gin!), but where can we go when we’re stuck and need something else to help us find direction, motivation and courage?

A few years ago I finally recognised and accepted that ‘Imposter Syndrome’ had been undermining my confidence at work since way back when I joined the M&S Graduate Management Programme.  Twenty+ years later I was sick of feeling ‘not good enough’; a fake; a fraud.  I was tired of the constant anxiety of waiting for someone to uncover how utterly useless I am!  (N.B. with little actual evidence to suggest this was the case!)  I no longer had the energy to put on the daily mask of confidence needed to go about my business.

To my eternal gratitude, at about the same time I met a Performance Coach (the wonderful Lisa Jeskins who has since turned her skills to a providing a unique approach to personal training  As a caring empath, she shared my frustration that unhelpful and unfounded inner beliefs were holding me back from being my best version of me.  It only took 3 sessions with Lisa to smash down the barriers that Imposter Syndrome had built up all around me and find the self-belief and confidence to just be me.  It felt like an iron straight jacket had been removed!

Like Victor Kiam*, ‘I liked the product so much, I bought the company’!  Well, not quite, but I did go off and qualify as a Performance Coach!  Since then I’ve had the privilege of helping countless people tackle their own limiting self-beliefs and / or carve out new goals and direction.

What does a Coach do?

As a Coach my aim is to provide a supportive, safe, gently challenging, inquisitive space for exploration, discovery and growth – whether that be for work, relationships or life in general.

To me, coaching is an investment.  Many of us are content to spend money on the gym and personal trainers to improve our physical fitness, yet when it comes to our psychological and emotional wellbeing we seem to think it will sort itself!  As a Coach I aim to help you find ways to make your mind fitter!

 It can feel a bit weird opening up to a stranger, but rest assured that I practise ‘unconditional positive regard; it’s my belief that we’re all Decent Human Beings trying to do our best in life.  Sometimes we forget just how resourceful we are; sometimes we need to rediscover and reconnect with the skills we have for tackling life’s challenges.  Coaching can help.  Massively!  (As I’ve experienced for myself.)

I utilise the G.R.O.W model to help Coachees discover or realign their Goals, explore Reality and Opportunities, and fine tune their Will and the Way forward.  

Please visit my Testimonials page to see how some of my clients have benefitted from coaching.

I offer face-face coaching in-and-around South Manchester, as well as online sessions using Skype / Zoom or similar.

To find out more please drop me a line using my Contacts page.

*for anyone under the age of 45 – Google him!