DHB Club

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NEXT MEETING:  Weds 27 November 19:00 – 21:00, Barlow Croft Pub, Parrs Wood Centre, East Didsbury, M20 5PG (with disabled access).

What is a DHB?

Simple; a Decent Human Being!  I try my best to be one, but don’t always get it right.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have friends and colleagues that do a far better job than me, and I’m always trying to learn from them to develop myself and what I have to offer the world.

I recently found myself living alone in a tiny village in Cornwall (okay, I admit there are far worse places to be on your own!), feeling isolated and missing human interaction.  I forced myself to get ‘out there’ and volunteered in the local community as a means of meeting like-minded people for company and conversation.

It occurred to me that there were interesting and inspirational people all over the place feeling similarly alone, and that made me sad.  I wondered what I could do, in my own small way, to create time and space for ‘Decent Human Beings’ to come together and share knowledge and experience.  And so the ‘DHB Club’ was formed.

What is the DHB Club?

DHB Club is a free-to-attend monthly get-together utilising various South Manchester venues.  I lead the sessions, introducing different topics for exploration and discussion each time.  As a Coach I have access to lots of tools and techniques that help focus our thoughts around subjects such as what motivates me?‘, ‘what are my core values?, and what do I bring to the Team?.  DHBs share their insights and may leave with new goals and inspiration, or may just go home having enjoyed spending time with others who are interested in self-improvement and growth.

We keep it light-hearted and lubricate our way with our beverage of choice!

If nothing else, it’s a few hours out of the house, away from the TV, internet, kids, ironing, bills and other things that can make us feel that we’re letting time slip through our hands.

We try to be fully inclusive and always arrange wheelchair accessible venues.  As you’d expect from DHBs, we enthusiastically welcome anyone regardless of size, shape, colour, religion, gender, sexuality….all we ask is that you are inclusive, respectful and kind to others.

Fancy joining us?  The more the merrier!  Dates and venues are available below.

If you have any questions about DHB Club please drop me a line and I’ll do all I can to encourage you along!


NEXT MEETING:  Weds 27 November 19:00 – 21:00, Barlow Croft Pub, Parrs Wood Centre, East Didsbury, M20 5PG (with disabled access).


Thanks to everyone who came along to the Street Wisdom event in September – it was great to meet new folks and spread some DHB vibes!